Blue Crested Gecko (A Compact Companion)

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Adorable Blue Crested Gecko (The Perfect Pet for Reptile Lovers)

The South Pacific island of New Caledonia is home to a species of gecko known as the Blue Crested Gecko, or Correlophus ciliates. They stand out for their unusual crest of spiky scales that run down the back of their heads, as well as their blue and orange coloring.

Blue Crested Gecko

The blue crested gecko is a tiny species, usually reaching lengths of 6 to 8 inches. They are frequently kept as pets and are generally nocturnal arboreal animals. With the right care, the blue crested gecko can be kept in captivity because they are a hardy species.

Are blue-crested geckos real?

The blue crested gecko is an actual animal. They are a subspecies of the lizard native to New Caledonia known as the blue crested gecko.

You may buy blue crested gecko as pets or find them in the wild. The blue crested gecko is distinguished by its vivid blue coloring and crest of skin that runs around its head and spine.

What do blue crested geckos eat?

Insects make up the majority of the diet of blue crested geckos, which indicates they are mostly insectivorous. They can be fed a variety of insects in captivity, including crickets, roaches, and mealworms, in addition to a commercial blue crested gecko diet.

What do blue crested geckos eat?

Some owners of blue crested gecko additionally feed their pets a fruit- or nectar-based diet, which can add to their pets’ nutrition and hydration.┬áTo support appropriate bone development, it’s also advised to dust the insects with a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement.

How much do crested geckos cost?

The price of a crested gecko might vary depending on the gecko’s age, sex, coloration, and pattern, among other things.

A baby or young crested gecko will typically cost between $50 and $100. Adult crested geckos can cost more, with prices for extremely rare or superior specimens ranging from $100 to $200 or more.

How much do crested geckos cost?

Are blue crested gecko good pets?

For the pet lover, blue crested geckos can make good pets. Once accustomed to their owners, they can become fairly docile and amiable and require relatively little maintenance and upkeep. They are also incredibly resilient and, with proper care, can live for many years.

The fact that blue crested gecko is quite small makes them a great alternative for people with limited space, which is one advantage of keeping them as pets. They don’t need a lot of heat or light either, which makes them a suitable option for those who can’t supply much of either.

Is blue crested gecko rare?

In the pet trade, the blue crested gecko is rare specie. They belong to the species Rhacodactylus ciliates, often known as the New Caledonian crested gecko, and are a naturally occurring morph.

Gecko are mostly created through captive breeding because they are rarely found in the wild. They can fetch a high price on the pet market because of their scarcity and distinctive color.

Is blue crested gecko rare?

Does a Blue crested gecko bite hurt?

Most people believe crested geckos to be calm and unlikely to bite. If they do bite, it won’t likely hurt very badly.

They lack the power to pierce human skin due to their tiny fangs. It is recommended to give them some room and wait for them to settle down if a crested gecko bites because it is typically an indication of tension or fear.

How long do blue geckos live?

The lifespan of a blue crested gecko can vary depending on factors such as genetics, diet, and husbandry. However, on average, blue-created geckos can live between 5 to 10 years in captivity. With proper care, a blue-crested gecko can live for a longer period of time.

What is the friendliest pet gecko?

One of the most sociable pet gecko species is the leopard gecko. They are a fantastic choice for novice gecko owners because they are gentle, easy to handle, and have a mild nature. Additionally, they require little maintenance and are simple to look after.

What is the friendliest pet gecko?

Are crested geckos friendly?

The crested gecko is typically thought of as an amiable and submissive pet. They are noted for being inquisitive and curious, but with the right training and socialization, they may become extremely tame.

Additionally, they require only modest maintenance and are generally easy to care for. Crested geckos are known for being energetic and climbing enthusiasts, which makes them entertaining and engaging pets for owners.

Where do blue-crested lizards live?

Native to Central and South America, blue-crested lizards are sometimes known as blue-crowned lizards or blue-headed lizards. Arboreal geckos, or lizards that live in trees, include blue-crested lizards.

Where do blue-crested lizards live?

They can be found in a variety of settings, including as dry forests, tropical forests, and rainforests. Blue-crested geckos are nocturnal creatures that spend the day hidden in cracks or behind leaves before emerging at night to look for food.

What is the rarest gecko species?

One of the rarest gecko species is the Psychedelic Rock Gecko, a recently found species. The distinctive and colorful coloration of the Psychedelic Rock Gecko, which combines bright yellow, orange, and purple, is what makes it so well-known.

What is the most expensive crested gecko morph?

The cost of crested geckos might change depending on the animal’s morph, age, and quality. Some morphs can be rather pricey, especially those with unusual or distinctive colorations and patterns.

One of the most expensive crested gecko variants is thought to be the Cappuccino variety. The distinctive and eye-catching hue of cappuccino geckos, which resembles a blend of caramel and chocolate, is what makes them stand out from other species.

This morph is the result of selective breeding, and as it is a recessive gene, both parents must have the gene in order to have a child with the Cappuccino phenotype. One of the most expensive and sought-after morphs is the Cappuccino gecko due to its rarity and reproduction difficulty.

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