Eclectus Parrot Price (The Cost Guide)

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Eclectus Parrot Price (The Cost Guide):

Eclectus parrot price range from $1050 to about $3000. Each of the species has its differences in color and appearance some have green feathers some blue and some have yellow which makes them a wide variety of parrot species.

However, they are all very similar in size, shape, weight, and plumage. A few of them will live up to 20-25 years while some others can live for over 40 years in captivity.

Eclectus Parrot Bird


Eclectus Parrot The Birds  Brief History(Parrot Species) :

The Eclectus parrot is one of Australia’s most popular medium-sized parrots. It has a unique call, which sounds like “Ek-lec-tus par-rrt”. Its name comes from the Greek word meaning “master of the song”.

This bird was first bred by Charles Darwin at his home in Down House, Kent, England. Its ancestors were brought to North America long ago on ships from South America.

These early birds were not known as Eclectus but as Kingbirds or Yellowbirds. And then these birds became known as Eclectus. The colors that it exhibits vary widely depending upon its natural habitat.

Eclectus Parrot

Blue Eclectus Parrot price:

The blue Eclectus parrot is a popular pet parrot and one of the most beautiful bird species on the planet. They can live between 25 -30 years and they can reach a size of around 30 cm. This gives them plenty of room to grow and expand into their new environment.

Blue Eclectus parrot’s initial price starts from 1000$ and goes to $3000.The average price is between $2500. you can buy these birds from  buy here

Blue mutated eclectus

Vosmaeri Eclectus Parrot Price:

The Vosmaeri Eclecticus (VOS) is a hybrid cross between the Vosmaer’s parrot and the Eclectus parrot with a medium-sized bird species. It was developed by Dr. Peter Vogel from the University of Queensland in Australia.

This species has many traits that make it suitable for zoos and aviaries. These include its ability to live long lives, being highly intelligent, and having a high tolerance for captivity.

Blue Eclectus parrot’s initial cost starts from 1500$ and goes to $4000.An Average cost is between $2500 which makes them expensive birds

Eclectus Parrot

How much does an Eclectus parrot cost per month?

1. The average monthly cost of keeping a pet bird ranges between $50 and-$100 per month, but some people spend more than that to keep their birds happy.

2. What are the main costs involved in owning a parrot? There are many expenses associated with owning a parrot, including food, toys, cages, vaccinations, vet bills, training, housing, and maintenance.

Mistakes Eclectus Parrot Owners Make:

The most common mistake I see is people who keep their parrots inside all day long. This means they don’t give them enough exercise, which leads to poor muscle tone, joint stiffness, and overall poor health. If you want to prevent this from happening, you should take your bird out for at least 30 minutes every single day.


How Should I Care for My Eclectus Parrot?

The best way to care for your parrot is to give it the same love and attention you would any pet. It needs regular exercise, food, fresh fruit, water, toys, and lots of affection.

You should always provide a variety of food and clean drinking water, even if your bird has access to its own bowl.

They should not keep with big birds as they are not that aggressive in nature. Like other wild parrots, they are very friendly birds in nature.


Is an Eclectus parrot a good pet?

Eclectus parrots are great pets, very sensitive birds, but they require lots of care and attention. They are intelligent birds who enjoy being cuddled and will bond with their owners.

If you have experience caring for exotic animals, this might be the right pet for you. These birds do not like loud noises or sudden movements. It would be best if you got your new bird into the house slowly to meet them.

Are Eclectus loud?

Eclectus parrots are not known to be particularly vocal birds. They tend to be quiet unless they are excited or upset. If you want to know if your bird is happy, look at his eyes. If he looks like he’s smiling then he probably is.

What kind of cage does an Eclectus need?

Pet Parrots like Eclectus require a large space to fly around in and enjoy their freedom. They also need lots of toys to keep them entertained. Buy Cage By Visiting our blog on cages for birds.

They love to have companion birds with them in their cage so that they can play with each other.If you live in a small apartment, it might not be practical to give your bird this type of living space, as like larger parrots you need to have a big size cage.

Do Eclectus parrots bite?

Eclectus parrots are not known to bite unless they feel threatened. They may try to grab objects if they are curious or want to play. If a bird bites you, it usually does so out of fear or anger, they can show destructive behaviors on not getting much attention from its owners.

Do Eclectus parrots talk?

Yes, they do! They have a wide range of vocalizations including alarm calls, distress calls, begging, begging, growling, chirping, purring, and laughter. Some of the sounds they produce sound like “meow” but it’s actually a different type of call.


What should I consider before buying an Eclectus parrot?

1. How do you think my Eclectus will behave when I bring him home? Many people buy a pet bird without considering how he’ll act around other animals or people. For instance, did you know that parrots can be aggressive toward others? As such, you need to find out his behavior toward cats or dogs before bringing him into the house.

2. Do the birds have proper space in order to live comfortably? You need to look carefully at your bird’s cage or enclosure because small spaces can cause stress and discomfort. A good environment promotes comfort, happiness, health, and safety for your bird.

3. Will the bird fit in our household? Many people get confused by the name “Parrot”, thinking it refers only to a green-colored parakeet. However, this isn’t true. While birds like Chameleons, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, African Grey Parrots, and Conures are classified under the term “parrot”, there are actually many different types of parrots available.

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