Signs Your Dog Imprinted On You (15 Signs)

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Signs Your Dog Imprinted On You All You Need To Know

Do you ever question about Signs Your Dog Imprinted On You? The term “imprinting” refers to the process through which an infant forms an enduring attachment to its primary caregiver.

Signs Your Dog Imprinted On You All You Need To Know

If reared by humans, dogs can imprint. You will be their leader, guardian, and comforter. Imprinting can also affect how your dog handles stress, separation, and other humans and animals. Imprinting can improve your dog’s loyalty, obedience, and devotion or make it too dependent, possessive, or uneasy.

General Signs Your Dog Imprinted On You

So how can you tell if your dog has imprinted on you? There are some general signs that your dog is imprinted on you:

♠ They’re more responsive to your voice and movements

♥ They’re more interested in activities you engage in

♦  They’re more likely to show separation anxiety when separated from you

However, these signs can also indicate other forms of attachment or bonding, so they’re not conclusive. To be more specific, here are 15 signs your dog imprinted on you:

 1. Your dog follows you around constantly

If your dog follows you around like a shadow, they’ve imprinted on you. They want to be with you in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. They may even try to squeeze into narrow spaces or obstruct your exit. Your dog doesn’t want to lose sight of you because you’re their guide and protector.

 2. Your dog is unusually possessive of your belongings

Your dog’s possessiveness of your stuff is another indicator of imprinting. They may defend your apparel, sneakers, pillows, or anything that smells like you. They may also seize and hide your belongings. Your dog sees you as their property and doesn’t want anyone else to touch or take it.

3. Your dog becomes agitated or aggressive when left alone with you

When left alone, your dog becomes angry or violent. When you’re away, they may bark, grumble, pace, chew, or destroy. They may also become frightened when you leave or strangers approach. Your dog’s conduct indicates separation anxiety and insecurity.

4. Your dog refuses to be around other people or animals unless he or she is with you

Your dog’s refusal to be around other people or animals without you is a fourth indicator of imprinting. They may ignore or attack humans and dogs. When you focus on others, they may get jealous or resentful. Your dog is overly dependent on you and distrusts others.

 5. Your dog copies your actions and expressions

Your dog imitates you as a fifth sign. They may copy your movements, attitudes, and sounds. They may also try to watch TV, read, or sit on the couch like you. Your dog is learning and wants to be like you.

Your dog copies your actions and expressions

6. Your dog responds to your emotions

Your dog’s emotional response is a sixth symptom of imprinting. They may react to your emotions. When you’re happy or sad, they may wag their tail, kiss your face, cuddle, or soothe you. They may also share your mood. This behavior indicates

7. Your dog licks your face or hands

Your dog licking your face or hands is a sixth symptom of imprinting. Dogs lick for grooming, submission, and affection. If your dog licks you obsessively, they may have imprinted on you. Licking can indicate respect, thanks, love, and desire for your attention or acceptance.

Signs Your Dog Imprinted On You Signs Your Dog Imprinted On You

8. Your dog sleeps next to you or on you

Your dog sleeping with you is an eighth indicator signs your dog imprinted on you. Sleeping dogs are vulnerable to predators. Thus, sleeping near or on you indicates that your dog trusts and feels safe with you. Sleeping may bind and warm you.

9. Your dog makes eye contact with you

Eye contact is the seventh sign your dog has imprinted on you. Dogs can communicate dominance, challenge, curiosity, and devotion through eye contact.

Some dogs may find eye contact intimidating or menacing, especially if they don’t know the person or animal. Thus, if your dog looks at you often and calmly, they respect you as their leader and have imprinted on you.

 10. Your dog leans on you or rests their head on you

A tenth signs your dog imprinted on you is that they lean on you or rests its head on you. Leaning or resting can be a way of showing affection, trust, or comfort to you, as well as seeking your support or protection. It can also be a way of marking you as their territory and letting others know that you belong to them.

11. Your dog brings you gifts

Gifts are the eleventh indicator that your dog loves you. Gifts can be toys, bones, gloves, boots, or even dead animals. Bringing gifts can indicate thanks, generosity, or affection, as well as sharing their valued items. It may also be a request to play with them.

12. Your dog listens to your commands

Your dog obeying you is the eleventh Signs Your Dog Imprinted On You. Listening to orders might indicate compliance, intellect, or imprinting. If your dog obeys you without question, they’ve imprinted on you and respect you. They also desire your approval and admiration.

13. Your dog comforts you when you’re sad

Your dog comforts you when you’re unhappy. Dogs may sense depression because they’re empathic. Licking on your skin, cuddling with you, providing you with toys, or doing something hilarious may cheer you up. They may silently support you. Your dog wants to help you feel better by doing this.

 14. Your dog greets you enthusiastically when you come home

When you go home, your dog eagerly greets you. They may leap on you, lick you, shake the tail, bark, or circle around excitedly. You may receive a present or see their favorite toy. Your dog misses you and is pleased to see you.

15. Your dog prefers your company over anyone else’s

Your dog prefers your companionship over others as a fourteenth Signs Your Dog Imprinted On You. Instead of the couch or floor, they may sit next to you or on your lap. They may disregard others and focus on you. Your dog likes spending time with you and prefers you above others.

FAQ About Signs Your Dog Imprinted On You

 How do I make my dog imprint on me?

There is no surefire way to make your dog imprint on you, as imprinting is a natural and spontaneous process that depends on various factors, such as your dog’s breed, personality, age, and environment. However, there are some things you can do to increase the chances of forming a strong bond with your dog:

– Adopt your dog as early as possible, preferably between 8 and 12 weeks of age

– Spend quality time with your dog every day, playing, training, grooming, and cuddling

– Provide your dog with a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment

– Socialize your dog with other people and animals in a positive and gradual way

– Be consistent, patient, and gentle with your dog

– Reward your dog with praise, treats, toys, or affection for good behavior

– Avoid punishing, yelling at, or hitting your dog for bad behavior

 Can dogs imprint on more than one person?

Dogs imprint on multiple people. Multiple attachments can help dogs become balanced and confident. Dogs can imprint on their family members and other dogs or animals they interact with. Dogs may still have a preferred attachment figure.

Can dogs imprint on cats?

If they had pleasant early encounters with cats, dogs can imprint on them. Cats can become companions or family to dogs. Some dogs have a high hunting drive or territorial instinct and chase or attack cats. Therefore, observe dog-cat interactions and interfere if needed.



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