Types of Conures 12 Most Popular Parrots

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Types of Conures: A Comprehensive Guide to These Charming Parrots

Conures are highly intelligent parrots with eye-catching patterns and personalities that range from playful to serious (Types of Conures). These medium-sized parrots are favorites among bird watchers around.

Types of Conures
Types of Conures

Having knowledge of the different species and traits of conures is crucial before introducing one into your home. We’ll go over some of the most common types of conures species so you can learn more about them and make an educated decision about which one could make the best pet for you.

  1. Sun Conure

The Sun Conure is one of the most beautiful parrots due to its confidence and brightness. This species always draws attention thanks to its eye-catching combination of yellow, orange, and green feathers.

Sun conures are well-known for their friendliness and sociability, and they frequently develop deep attachments to their human caregivers.

Types of Conures Sun Conure
Types of Conures Sun Conure

They have a lot of boundless energy and need frequent opportunities for mental and physical challenges.

  1. Green-Cheeked Conure

The Green-Cheeked Conure is a delightful and loving parrot with a jovial disposition. The pleasant temperament and low level of activity typical of these conures make them popular pets. With time and effort, a Green-Cheeked Conure can learn tricks and even mimic human speech.

Green-Cheeked Conure Types of Conures

  1. Blue-Crowned Conure

The Blue-Crowned Conure is a stunning bird, with a crown of brilliant blue and a body of emerald green. These conures have a stellar reputation for their quick wit and capacity for learning. Toys and puzzles are essential for maintaining their happiness and engagement as they thrive on social and mental stimulation.

Blue Crowned Conure Types of Conures

  1. Nanday Conure

The Nanday Conure, or Black-Hooded Conure, is a vibrant and active parrot that makes a wonderful pet. The contrast between their black face and green body is remarkable, and their upbeat nature makes them great pets.

To maintain their health and happiness, Nanday Conures need plenty of opportunities for interaction with people and mental stimulation.

  1. Patagonian Conure

One of the largest types of conures specie, the Patagonian Conure stands out for its brilliant colors and mischievous activities.

These parrots are extremely sociable and do best in homes where they get lots of attention and exercise. Because of their loud voices, Patagonian Conures are not ideal apartments or neighboring-neighborhood pets.

 Patagonian Conure Types of Conures
Patagonian Conure Types of Conures
  1. Jenday Conure

Jenday Conures have beautiful red and orange plumage that is accented by yellow and green. Birds of this species are extremely trainable due to their intelligence, curiosity, and openness to new experiences.

Jendays require frequent social engagement and mental challenges like puzzles and foraging toys to thrive.

Jenday Conure  Patagonian Conure Types of Conures

  1. Pineapple Conure

The Pineapple Conure is a variant of the Green-Cheeked Conure that has undergone a process of genetic mutation and now has feathers that are yellow, green, and orange.

Their friendly temperament and lively demeanor are reminiscent of the Green-Cheeked kind. Pineapple conures are highly adaptable and would make great pets for anyone.

 Pineapple Conure

  1. Crimson-Bellied Conure

The Crimson-Bellied Conure’s vivid scarlet belly and vibrant green plumage make it an eye-catching species. These conures are quite outgoing and like to be the focus of attention.

Their owners are frequently amused by their acrobatic skills and malicious antics because of their lively and mischievous disposition. A healthy environment for a Crimson-Bellied Conure includes frequent opportunities for mental and social stimulation.


  1. Maroon-Bellied Conure

The maroon belly and emerald green feathers of the Maroon-Bellied Conure make it a stunning addition to the collection of any bird lover and a unique type of conures.

These conures are well-known for their warm personalities and the close friendships they create with their owners. They are fun to interact with since they are smart birds that can be taught to do tricks and follow orders.

Maroon-Bellied Conure  Types of Conures
Maroon-Bellied Conure (Types of Conures)
  1. Yellow-Sided Conure

The Yellow-Sided Conure, or Yellow-Sided Green Cheek, is a very active and outgoing parrot. Its wings and flanks are a vibrant yellow, which contrasts well with its green feathers.

Highly sociable, Yellow-Sided Conures take pleasure in spending time with their human family. They have a reputation for being jovial and funny and are frequently caught in the act.

Yellow-Sided Conure

  1. Half-Moon Conure

The Half-Moon Conure is a little parrot whose green, blue, and yellow feathers are beautiful. The conures in question have a reputation for being extremely sociable and loyal to their owners.

Half-Moon Conures require consistent playtime and mental exercise to thrive; they respond well to interactive toys, puzzles, and other challenging challenges that satisfy their natural curiosity.

Half Moon Conure

  1. Cuban Conure

The Cuban Conure, or Rose-Throated Conure, is an exotic bird with a bright pink throat and emerald green feathers. These conures are exceptionally bright and quick to pick up new skills.

Due to their fun and active temperament, Cuban Conures need regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy.

FAQs About Types of Conures 

What is the friendliest conure?

The Green-Cheeked Conure has a reputation for being one of the most sociable types of conures specie. They are known to build close ties with their owners and are characterized by their kind demeanor and enthusiasm for social interaction.

In general, Green-Cheeked Conures are friendly and active, and they take pleasure in interacting with people.

Which is the biggest conure?

Among conure birds, the Patagonian Conure is the largest. From snout to tail, they can grow to a length of around 45 centimeters (18 inches). Patagonian Conures are a sight to behold, what with their bold plumage and size.

What is the most popular conure?

The Sun Conure is often regarded as one of the most desirable types of conure. Their vivid yellow, orange, and green feathers make for a striking plumage. Sun conures are popular among conure owners because of their friendly and outgoing nature.

Which conure is quiet?

The Green-Cheeked Conure is renowned as one of the most reticent conure species. Their calls are less loud and shrill than those of other conure species, but they are still capable of making noise.

What is the loudest conure?

The Nanday Conure has a reputation for being extremely vocal. They have a loud, piercing call that is instantly recognizable. If you live in a noisy area, you may want to think again about getting a Nanday Conure because of its tendency to sing.

Remember, each conure has its own personality, and individual birds may vary in behavior and vocalization. It’s essential to spend time with different conure species to find the one that best matches your preferences and living situation.


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