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Can Dogs Get Monkeypox

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Marco Christiansen

Can Dogs Get Monkeypox, Yes Dogs have been reported in the United states and France to getting monkeypox.

In a medical journal report that was published, researchers reported that humans can transfer monkeypox to their pet's dog

The medical research team has announced differentiation between human monkeypox from chickenpox

Monkeypox virus can infect a wide range of pet animals, such as dogs,cats, and pet birds.

There is no specific treatment yet approved by researchers for monkeypox virus infection in dogs.

Antiviral drugs and vaccines are early treatments for monkeypox used by vet doctors and pet owners.

Infected animals can spread the Monkeypox virus to their owners, so precautions are advised in caring.

Health Workers are asking owners infected with monkeypox to stay away from dogs and other pets at home 

Monkeypox may Last for 4 to 6 weeks if proper care is taken of the dog.