can dogs have blackberries

Yes,BlackBerries can be eaten by dogs, they are a good treat for pets like dogs

How Much should We give in  a Day

Dogs can eat 2 to 3 blackberries a day.

Are  all Berries good for Dogs

Dogs should not be given berries like cherries, holly berries, juniper berries, 

Can dogs have strawberries

Dogs can eat strawberries but not in huge amounts or on a daily basis as it contain toxic material for dogs if feed in huge amount.

Do blackberries contain xylitol?

Blackberries and raspberries  contain some or little amounts of naturally occurring xylitol

How to Safely Feed Blackberries to Your Dog

Blackberries should be first properly washed with clean water, it's better to give blackberries to your dog in a small amounts.

Can dogs drink blackberry juice?

Blackberry juice is a good treat for dogs but does not add sugar or any sweetness in it.